​​​Our Community Doula program provides community outreach through the combined efforts of specialized Perinatal Community Health Workers and others who support the birthing community. Their presence during the birthing person's most vulnerable time is essential as expectant parents attempt to navigate through a challenging system. Their role is to educate, encourage clients to engage in informed decision making and provide support by empowering young families to trust their ability to make sound decisions. 

Through our in-home visiting program Case Managers and Perinatal Health Workers help support birthing individuals as they navigate through systems that provide perinatal care. Our goal is to help identify programs that provide prenatal services while addressing the complex needs of families in crisis. 

Instructors facilitate groups that prepare mom for pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting using evidence based information. Our small groups provide a source of preparation, learning, discovery, and support. Individuals receive useful information on nutrition, breastfeeding, smoking cessation, postpartum depression and birth.
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​​​Doula Collective

Case Management

​​​Urban Baby Beginnings is devoted to empowering birthing families by providing them with the tools necessary to help them make informed decisions about their perinatal care. Our mission is to decrease preterm birth, cesarean rates and low birth weight newborns, and initiate breastfeeding within our at risk communities while empowering new families to make choices based on informed decision making.

Through our outreach program that consists of Registered Nurses, Case Managers, Perinatal Educators, and Community Health Workers, we provide the support and education needed to help decrease infant mortality and maternal morbidity.

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