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​​"People don't care what you know until they know that you  care"

Our Vision

That all expectant people and families have a safe space, a "village" where they and their children can thrive and grow amongst a supportive and loving professional community that is culturally diverse, and which provides high-quality health care and tools to improve the quality of life for at-risk families through education and support.

Our Mission
Our mission is to reduce maternal and infant/child mortality, improve access to life changing innovations, and empower individuals by reducing the rate of preterm birth and social isolation experienced by families who do not have the resources to pay for prenatal, birth and postpartum support services. This is done by increasing professional and paraprofessional health access, social support, and by addressing community risk factors.

Our Story

Who are we?

Our History 

In 2015,  Capital Center of Virginia (CCV) formed Urban Baby Beginnings (UBB) to address the needs of the growing expectant and postpartum families served through the Community Cares program. In 2016, UBB received certification as a Baby Basics and Centering Pregnancy provider furthering the organization's commitment to serving a diverse clientele and providing volunteer doula support. In 2017, UBB received certification as a state BabyCare provider allowing the organization to provide services to Medicaid recipients and uninsured individuals through its Community Cares program. In 2018, UBB joined Health Connect One and the Perinatal Task Force establishing a "safe spot" for families free of judgment; creating a place where moms, family members, and the community could connect and feel supported. UBB also established a workforce innovation program to train perinatal health workers who graduated from the Community Cares program, providing a living wage for interns and associates.
Throughout its 25 year history, CCV has provided an environment that respects the inherent dignity and strength of children and their families, honors their differences, and celebrates their ability to grow. 
“Where Children and Families are always first” is not only the motto of Capital Center of Virginia; it is the lifeline of the organization. Empowering expectant families to make healthy birth choices and addressing systemic issues that provide a barrier to individuals and communities who deserve high quality and compassionate care reduces maternal/infant mortality and morbidity rates. Our capable and committed staff and volunteers provide the backbone of the organization, utilizing its talents and strengths to implement programs to help others connect in order to provide resources and find their village.
Urban Baby Beginning’s community-driven purpose and ideals give the organization renewed strength to face our challenges head-on. We continue to believe all families should be supported, no matter their background or economic standing. Henceforth, our guiding principle to “improve the lives of those we serve,” has been and will continue to be our promise to families who need us.


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Our Values

UBB believes that all pregnant people should be trusted to make choices that are best for them and that they should have safe access to exceptional health care. All birthing community members should be honored, valued and respected. The importance of the family, generational ties, and cultures and the protection of these ties should be a priority. Individuals deserve to have their experiences and memories honored.

UBB is dedicated to ensuring that individuals who wish to learn more about reproductive health have the opportunity to do so before pregnancy. We strive to surround the communities that we serve with dignity regardless of financial position and to include our members when building programs that may affect them directly. 

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