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Professional Development

Why become a Community Doula?

Support: UBB connects expectant and new parents who are specially trained to provide support during the sensitive first months of pregnancy through a child’s second birthday. This training prepares you to work with individuals in the community during this special time and puts you back to work in a specialized field. 
Knowledge:  This program is community-based: linking community doulas who are from the same community as their clients who are able to bridge cultural and language barriers to meet pregnancy, postpartum, and early childhood needs. Our community doulas serve multiple roles for the families with whom they work – not only in support of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum but also in the role of cultural navigator, “walking alongside” pregnant and parenting families. The family is the most important part of this circle; community doulas help to navigate and access resources for their children so that babies are arriving ready for early childhood learning. These formative years are crucial to the development of our youngest yet most important investment.  
Empowerment:  Community Doulas are encouraged and empowered to expand their knowledge. This training connects you with a village of professionals that have the skills and desire to help support individuals who wish to do this work. Applying your knowledge as a mother, with an additional 120 hours of specialized education helps you to be successful in your desire to support and empower families to trust their inner voice while advocating for themselves. 

UBB Community Doulas

Also known as Perinatal Health Workers or Community Health Workers with a specialization in Maternal Health, Community Doulas help to address disparities in the maternal health system. Participating in our training can help prepare you for challenges that may be incurred in working with marginalized populations. Community Doulas work with individuals in a variety of settings. The Outreach Doula program is seeking national accreditation through HealthConnect One and is the first community doula training program in the state of Virginia. 

Join our Community Doula training program

If you are a previous UBB graduate interested in learning more about our certified training program, please submit a referral using the online referral link or email ubbreferral@urbanbabybeginnings.org and we will send you more information.

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